Sunday, February 9, 2020

Writers Republic Reviews: Landing the Right Publisher for Your Book

Perhaps one of the dilemmas of being an author is finding the right publisher to work with or the right people you can trust with your hard work. One thing that authors should always put into consideration is the legitimacy of the publishing company and its excellent reviews. Writers Republic is one of the several reputed self-publishing companies that fit every writer’s standard of reliability.

Writers Republic and their dedicated team have long been with the industry providing quality self-publishing and marketing services to authors — yielding to outstanding Writers Republic reviews and testimonials from authors. As an author who gets to publish a book with no unpleasant experience with the company is a potluck. This is why picking the right self-publishing company like Writers Republic that values transparency and authors’ need is important.

These are only a few of the numerous Writers Republic reviews from authors expressing their gratitude for fulfilling their lifelong publishing dreams. These Writers Republic reviews only prove that legitimate and customer-driven self-publishers still do exist in the industry.

I was skeptical in the beginning about publishing my book with a self-publishing company, but some local new authors said that is the way to go nowadays. I decided to try Writers Republic and since I started with them, I have been very pleased with their consideration of my needs, patience, and assurance that I was pleased with every step they took in the whole process. I am very pleased with the work they do and the whole book process. I will work with Writers Republic again on my next novels and mention them to others looking for a self-publisher to do their book. Thanks Writers Republic! I look forward to working with you again.
- Shelly Neinast

I am definitely pleased. I was notified for every payment and those who worked with me made sure that I was informed of all that was going to happen with the video interview. If it ever came to, then I would definitely recommend Writers Republic!
- Derrick Sasuman

The website was easier than anticipated, how they put it together based on my needs because they listen. They were able to capture nature at its best. The movement and color only enhanced the words in my book perfectly. My overall experience was professional, interactive and timely. Every step was accurate based on what the staff mentioned. I became very comfortable as we went through the entire process. Moving forward, there will not be any hesitation to continue using Writers Republic’s services for my other book needs. They did a very good job, I’d take a bow for it.
- Anita Warrington

It was cordial from the beginning. Special thanks to the outstanding staff in Writers Republic for their kindness, professionalism and giving their time to work on my book. I would recommend Writers Republic. Thanks!
- Uche Ibezue

I would highly recommend the Writers Republic book publishing company to any new authors. They’re an extremely reliable company that truly has the best interest of any authors at heart. I give Writers Republic five stars plus rating. The process of submitting a manuscript leading to the publication of a new book is very efficient.
- Geoffrey Obel

Publishing scams are rampant in the publishing industry that it has become harder to distinguish which one can be trusted and which one is dressed in a sheep’s clothing. So how do you land a reputed and legitimate publishing companies while avoiding these publishing scams? Educate yourself with these important points on how to avoid these publishing cons or fall prey to their scams.

Know who you’re making a deal with

One of the best options is to consider someone else’s recommendation from a fellow author who has tried it themselves. Is this company worth tapping your publishing efforts? Learn how long they’ve been in the industry, the books they’ve published, the reviews, or if their offers are reasonable compared to any standard publishing company. Who are they affiliated with? Get yourself acquainted with legal institutions that genuine publishing firms are commonly registered with.

A one-man show

Always watch out with one-man service whose offer is to man the publishing and marketing services all on his own. No single person can take full responsibility in providing you the entire publishing process singlehandedly. Everything in the fulfillment is meticulously structured and handed out to teams whose expertise works best for the task.

Seek publishers with outstanding footprints

Before you make that decision of submitting your order form, consider taking a look at the proofs of the finished product or the books. Check with other authors how their book design, editing, and marketing went.

Don’t forget to spot the red flags

One of the danger signs you should consider of a scam publishing is the lack of responsiveness, poor quality, overpromising, and leaving you out of the loop during the fulfillment process. The costs you will be provided should be precise and when you will be expected to pay should be provided beforehand. Don’t be hesitant to question anything you’re unsure of before you sign every contract they offer you.

Take advice from your fellow indie authors

Consider pieces of advice from your fellow authors and educate yourself about how the publishing industries work. This is the best way to protect yourself from shady services of publishing scams looking for upcoming authors to prey on.

Checking honest reviews from authors helps you gather straight comments about how they were dealt with and accommodated. You get to compare one company to the other and identify which product would work best for you, recognize which one is just embezzling money, and which company is genuine in their approach to help authors.

Publishing your book comes in a whole new different level. Gear yourself with the knowledge regarding how the publishing industry work to avoid falling into its pitfalls.